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LIC New Endowment Plan

LIC Endowment plan
LIC New Endowment Plan offers an attractive combination of protection and saving features. This combination provides financial support in case of death of policyholder any time before maturity and good lump sum amount at the time of maturity for the surviving policyholders.

LIC New Endowment plan is a basic plan which can suit anybody as it provides adequate life cover during policy’s term and on maturity, this plan provides a healthy amount.

Key Features of LIC Endowment Plan
A sound combination of Life insurance and investment.
Low premium in comparison other plan in this category.
Eligible for bonus and Final Addition bonus declared by LIC.
Paid premiums are exempted from income tax under sec 80C
Maturity amount is tax free under 10 (10D)

Eligibility Conditions and Other Restrictions :
a) Minimum Basic Sum Assured :Rs. 1,00,000
b) Maximum Basic Sum Assured :No Limit
c) Policy Term/ Premium Paying term: 12 to 35 years
d) Minimum Age at entry : 8 years (completed)
e) Maximum Age at entry: 55 years (nearest birthday)
f) Maximum Maturity age: 75 years

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