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Who We Are

We are successful and popular financial advisors with Life Insurance Corporation of India for LIC products and services In Bengaluru since 2007. We are LIC's recognised, distinctive and exclusive IRDA certified authorised insurance agents in Bangalore. We are easily accessible online and are available for our customers' service. We help you to make informed decision and buy a suitable policy among policies available with LIC. We understand our custumers' needs and financial situation and build a plan accordingly.

Why choose Us


Sovereign Guarantee: LIC gives guaranteed returns in addition to the bonus and returns do not fluctuate with the market.


Investment and Life Cover: Isn't a risk cover along with 7.5% returns better than returns without any risk cover? *


Investment Discipline: LIC builds discipline of regular savings without a temptation to withdraw, with no market fluctuations affecting the returns and loan facility.